The mission of a web agency


From the conceptualization of a project to the maintenance of a website such as Fire Style Magazine and the implementation of the necessary updates, take advantage of the cutting-edge expertise of a multidisciplinary team.


  • Integrators

    A web integrator or front-end developer assembles the components of a website and translates the graphic models into a suitable language.

  • Developers

    A web developer’s primary vocation is to write all or part of the programs essential to the proper functioning of web interfaces.

  • Engineers / Consultants

    Having a 360° vision of the field in which he or she excels, an engineer/consultant assesses needs, advises and proposes solutions.


Mastering mobile development at your fingertips, our team is dedicated to developing mobile applications and web apps at the cutting edge of the latest mobile technologies and adapting exactly to your needs and requirements.

Our SEO Services


In order for you to get your traffic off the ground, you need to implement actions that induce search engine algorithms to properly position your website as done for the Fashion And Beauty Tribes website.

As part of a custom SEO strategy, these actions are a powerful lever on which you can rely to optimize your website for search engines and subsequently forge you a sprawling visibility. Among them are the choice of keywords, on-page optimization (content, tags, URLs, page speed…) and off-page optimization (backlinks…).
Nevertheless, setting up and orchestrating such actions is far from being a piece of cake. That’s why, you might as well entrust it to an agency that masters all SEO techniques:

  SEO SEO: positioning itself naturally at the top of SERPs
 SEA referencing: purchase and use of commercial links
  SMO SEO: using social media to optimize your search engine optimization
 SEM referencing: includes all referencing techniques (SEO, SEA and SEM).

Gain in Creativity!

Visual identity

Logo creation

Graphic charter

Commercial brochure

Product catalogue

Web design

The success of your communication strategy

Communication strategy

Integrating into your global strategy and coupled with an efficient webmarketing strategy, as done for the website Stuttgarter Mode, a communication strategy allows you to coordinate the actions required to achieve your communication objectives.

Community management

Community management is the art of creating an active community (followers, fans, subscribers, e-influencers, partners, customers…) around your brand, but also to seal a privileged relationship with it.

Advertising campaigns

An advertising campaign refers to the promotion of a product, service or brand of a business by means of an advertising message and/or slogan disseminated through one or more online communication channels.